Brian S.Donaghey

Brian Donaghey

It is with great sadness that I report that Brian Donaghey, former editor and secretary of the Medieval Section, passed away on 28 August.  Brian, who until his retirement worked in the School of English, University of Sheffield, was an active member of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society and the Medieval Section for a great many years. He was one of the Historic Buildings officers, monitoring planning applications, and also joined David Michelmore and Sylvia Thomas in running the popular Palaeography weekends during the 1970s and 1980s. Brian played a particularly important role in the Medieval Section, where he edited ‘Medieval Yorkshire’. Brian’s retrospective on thirty years of the section published in Medieval Yorkshire is a valuable source of information, enlivened by Brian’s wonderful, quiet sense of humour. I am going to put together an obituary for Brian, to appear in the next Medieval Yorkshire, and I’d like to make this appeal to members of the section to send me any memories they’d like to share of having worked with Brian, also a photograph of Brian at one of the Medieval Section events if possible. Please be aware I am in touch with Brian’s widow, Helen. Thank you.

One thought on “Brian S.Donaghey”

  1. Please pass on my condolences to Brian’s wife and family. I remember him as a vital member of a team of patient palaeography tutors who led absorbing and educational weekends at ‘Claremont’ – where my own interest in the subject was sparked. Indeed, Sylvia passed on the mantle of organiser of the popular weekend palaeography course to me in the early 1990s. There was an almost magical quality in being guided to unlock the meaning of documents, some unread since they were written.


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